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D-500 Homogenizer

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Philosophy made simple, so easy to handle. Ability to achieve quality results fast. It has the speed and power to emulsify, suspend, cut-up and disrupt to yield accurate results every time. Full flexibility as hand-held, post or wall mounted, with H-stand or plate-stand support.
Top speed of high 10000-30000 rpm, reduces processing time significantly. Big safety switch for unexpected emergency stop. Smooth motor drive makes working, very safe and comfortable. Additional feature of automatic overload protection increases the life span of the motor. Smooth start also prevents unnecessary spills
Process of dispersing 
The material is sucked in to the head axially, then accelerated using the rotor’s high rpm rate, circumferential or peripheral velocity. The centrifugal acceleration between the outer rotor wall and the inner stator wall propels the material through the stator shearing slits.
Quick-change system
DragonLab tools consists of only a few parts. One shaft, one axle, one Teflon bearing and one rotor stator. No special tools are needed to dissemble. Only requirement is a simple piece of cloth.
Features of D-500
- Viscosity up to 10,000 mPas
- Continuosly adjustable speeds for better results
- Light-weighted and small-dimensioned for better handling
- Triple safety of the drive, overload protection and smooth start – against jerky work, safety switch
- 316L steel High quality dispersing tools as standard for better resistance to corrosion
- Quick change system of the dispersing tools for a short changing time between preparations