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DW-K960 Gradient PCR Thermal Cycler

  • Packing Size:51*39*38cm
  • Gross Weight:9.3kg
  • Packing Material:Carton Box
  • Liquid/Battery/Motor:
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Products feature :
& Convenient and flexible module replacementmode.
& Large size super-high-definition LCDscreen.
& Intuitive, friendly user interface makesprogram easier and faster.
& Memory function in case of power-down.
& Low noise,low energy consumption,long application life.
& Solemn, elegant appearance, innovativemodel.
& Unique rotating stall heat-regulatingfunction.
& Optimal panel design for human ,moreconvenient operation.
& Heated lid could be stopped at any angle.
& Handle-module, more secure and convenientmodule replacement, improving using efficiency and expanding using years.

Model K960-A;K960-B;K960-C;K960-D  
 Capacity  96×0.2mL(A);54×0.5mL(B); 96×0.2mL+77×0.5ml(C);384well(D)
Temp range  0℃—99.9℃(Rt≤30℃)
Max cooling rate   ≥3.5 Celsius degree/s
Max heating rate  ≥4.0 Celsius degree/s
Heating/cooling rate 0.1℃/s—4 Celsius degree/s(Adjustable)
 Uniformity  ≤±0.2 Celsius degree
 Accuracy  ≤±0.1 Celsius degree
 Gradient temp range  30℃—99 Celsius degree
 Gradient spread  1℃—30 Celsius degree
Gradient Uniformity  ≤0.2 Celsius degree
 Heated lid temp  30℃—110 Celsius degree
 Environment model Manually select
Temp control  block,tube,calculated
 Stored program No. 200
 Max. No. of Cycle 99
Display  5.7inch,320*240pels LCD
 Communication USB2.0 、 Rs232
 Size 380mm(L)×270mm(W)×250mm(H)
 Weight 7.2kg
110V-220V international general voltage