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Gas Chromatography DW-GC1290

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  • HS Code:9027201100
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Model#  DW-GC1290
Description EPC(electronic pneumatic control)
 7 inch touch screen display
Sample Introduction System sample injector and evaporation chamber
Column Oven Temperature range Ambient temperature +7 ~ 420  (in 1 increment)
Temperature accuracy  ± 0.02
Cooling time 350℃~100℃≤3min, 400℃~50 in 8-10 min at 25 ambient
Programmed temperature setting 0.1~80/min (in 1 increment)
Program ramps 20 ramps in total (99 ramps available with control workstation)
Size (L*W*H) 284*280*241mm(inside) 340*345*281mm(outside)
Flame Ionization Detector
Detection limit 8×10-12g/s (n-hexadecane)
Drift 1.5×10-13A/h
Noise 3×10-14A
Linearity range 106
Flame Photometric Detector
Detection limit 8×10‐13g/s(P) ; 8×10‐11g/s(S)
Drift 2×10‐11A/30min
Baseline noise 5×10‐12A
Nitrogen-Phosphorus Detector
Detection limit 5×10-12g/sN (Azobenzene)
5×10-13g/sP  (Malathion)


★Control system: designed for monitoring and controlling the instrument via the computer.
★Column Compartment/oven with superior thermal performance, multistage (20 ramps) programmed temperature control function. (supported by “control system”)
★Advanced built-in data acquisition system , supporting real time instrument status monitoring, detection signal acquisition and PC control
★Column oven supports quick heat-up and rapid cool-down with automated back-door opening.
★Flexible sample introduction system: 2 sample injectors could be installed and operated simultaneously with independent temperature control.
★High sensibility and stability detector.
★2 independent and analog signals output.
★M6 software, compatible with GLP/FDA-21 CFR Part11 requirements and regulations. (electronic records and signatures)

Electronic pneumatics control system

Flow rate: 200ml/min (N2), 1000ml/min (He)
Flow rate accuracy: ±5%
Flow rate repeatability: ±0.35%
Split ratio: 0-5000(He), 0-1000(N2)
Inlet temperature: 0-420℃

Gas chromatography and accessories:

Carrier Gas System + Sample Introduction System + Separation System + Temperature Control System + Detector
Carrier Gas System: air source/ purification and desiccation device/ flow rate control device
Sample Introduction System: sample injector
Separation System: chromatographic column(packed column and capillary column)
Temperature Control System (Column Oven): constant temperature and programmed temperature
Detector: FID/ FPD/ NPD

Advanced Microcomputer Control System

★Superior performance with advanced, microcomputer-based temperature control system 
★High temperature accuracy (optimum ± 0.02℃), high reliability, and anti-interference
★Self-diagnosis/ self-protection function (overheat protection, power-off protection, etc.)
★Intuitive display of timing program, detector status, measurement range, current setting, etc